xCubed's Commands

Name: bal

Description: Check you or a user's balance

Aliases: balance

Name: daily

Description: Claim your daily credits

Name: deposit

Description: Put some money in your bank account

Aliases: dep

Name: rich

Description: See who has the most money in the server

Name: withdraw

Description: Take some money out of your bank account

Aliases: with

Name: clap

Description: Make :clap: some :clap: text :clap: like :clap: this

Name: dick

Description: View your penis length

Aliases: pp, penis

Name: divorce

Description: divorce your parter

Name: hug

Description: Hug someone

Name: kiss

Description: Kiss someone

Name: marry

Description: Marry your one true love

Name: owoify

Description: OwOify the message before the command

Aliases: owo

Name: pat

Description: pat someone

Name: slap

Description: Slap someone

Name: captcha

Description: Generate a captcha

Name: triggered

Description: Display a triggered gif

Name: about

Description: View some basic information about the bot

Name: avatar

Description: View a users avatar

Name: emojis

Description: View a list of emojis in a server

Name: guildinfo

Description: View some information about the guild

Aliases: gi, serverinfo

Name: help

Description: View the bots commands

Aliases: ?, help

Name: invite

Description: Get the invite URL to invite the bot to your server

Name: ping

Description: Shows the API response times

Aliases: pong

Name: profile

Description: View someones profile

Name: roleinfo

Description: View some information about a role

Name: roles

Description: Display the roles in a server

Name: status

Description: View some basic statistics of the bot

Aliases: stats, statistics

Name: userinfo

Description: None provided!

Aliases: ui, whois

Name: leaderboard

Description: View the top ranked people in the server

Aliases: lb, ranks

Name: level

Description: View your level or another users level!

Aliases: rank

Name: ban

Description: ban a user from the guild

Aliases: bean

Name: kick

Description: Kick a user from the guild

Aliases: begone

Name: purge

Description: Purge X amount of messages in a channel

Aliases: bulkdelete, bulkdel

Name: settings

Description: Change the settings of the guild (Log channels, automod, etc)

Aliases: conf, config